Our Services

Welcome to Decaview Event Organizer and Nexcitement Premium Travel Agency, a Thailand-based world-class event management expert specialized organizing events in the Asia-Pacific region. Decaview and Nexcitement provides complete solutions in the following areas:

  • M.I.C.E. (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition)
  • Event Marketing
  • Team Dynamic Development
  • Sports and Parties


Decaview Event Organizer and Nexcitement Premium Travel Agency are no.1 in the region in managing events from internal corporate meetings to international conventions. In an important meeting or a convention, we understand that the participant's "time" is the most valuable. To minimize non-productive time and maximize meeting time, our team of in-house software engineers employ the latest technologies and innovations and incorporate them into the events we manage to their fullest.

With our internally-developed on-line registration system, thousands of people can register in less than 30 minutes! As an added convenience, meeting attendees can learn more about their personal schedules and suggested plans through Decaview's state-of-the-art intelligent kiosk stations.

Our highlights on M.I.C.E. services are: 

  1. International-level Management
  2. Logistics / Accommodation / Recreation Solutions
  3. Complete Audio/Visual Integration
  4. Online Registration System
  5. Intelligent Kiosk Station
  6. Custom Event-related Website Solution

 Event Marketing

Decaview is an expert in below-the-line event marketing that emphasizes on positive and measurable results. From brand promotion to hard sale, our marketing team works hard to deliver seamless blend between non-media marketing campaign and the customer's current corporate marketing strategy.

Decaview's unmatched technological innovation specifically in below-the-line marketing allows our customers to gain a significant edge over their competitors.

Our highlights on Event Marketing services are:

  1. Result-oriented
  2. Direct Below-the-line Target Group
  3. Proven Original Ideas and Creations
  4. High-Technology Integration
  5. Arsenal of Professional Staff
  6. Flawless Sequence Management
  7. Originally Choreographed On-stage Talent Performances

 Team Dynamic Development

Decaview is proud to be the leading provider in corporate team dynamic development. We make sure our team development programs work not just in the sessions, but also reflects the real working environment.

With countless successful sessions from well-known organizations, our team of multilingual instructors design custom programs to match each organization's needs to improve their employees' effectiveness and to develop working synergistically as a team.

Our highlights on Team Dynamic Development services are:

  1. Tailor-made Coursework for Organizational Needs
  2. World-class Team of International Instructors
  3. Tangible Results in Actual Working Environments
  4. Multi-disciplinary Discovery and Improvements
  5. Maximum Safety Practice

 Sports and Parties

Decaview realizes that great organizations work hard and play hard. A hard-working team deserves a satisfying break. With our nationally-certified sports team, we organize serious sports competitions that allow players to let it all out.

On a lighter side, Decaview is well-known for its ability to manage the most deserving themed parties including, but not limited to, dealer parties, corporate new year parties, and other marketing-driven parties.

If random prizes are to be given, our online lucky draw system ensures that contenders receive their prizes in a timely manner.

Our highlights on Sports and Parties services are:

  1. Maximum Pleasure.  Minimum Hassle
  2. A Plethora of Theme Choices
  3. Extravagant Theme Decorations
  4. Hit Singers and Celebrities
  5. Impressive Entertainers
  6. Flawless Sequence Management
  7. Hi-tech Lucky Draw and Registration System

Our team of multi-national experts are working hard around-the-clock to ensure the delivery of the highest quality services that exceed our customers' expectations.